Terra Professional

Terra Professional

“Professional Representation and Consulting Services to the Utility Industry”

Investment in America’s public infrastructure is growing. Whether it’s a highway project or a mass transit project, America is expanding its infrastructure. 

  • What impact will these projects have on your assets and investments?
  • How do you protect your assets while minimizing your financial exposures?
  • How do you avoid outages and downtime?

Terra Technologies LLC begins to work for you with a proven Conflict Mitigation and Alternatives Analysis Program for whatever stage your project is in.

TT works on your behalf to achieve creative and practical solutions to infrastructure conflicts at a project’s earliest stages; the stages where opportunities for cost reductions and risk mitigation are the highest.

The products and services of Terra Technologies LLC were designed to co-function. Successes for our clients prove this. TT has taken the most impossible circumstances and through collaboration, innovation and execution, Terra Technologies professional have delivered results with proven savings to our clients.

Your Terra Technologies professional representatives have decades of experience with public infrastructure and underground utility programs and projects.   Terra Technologies maintains professional relationships at the highest levels to ensure your interests are represented with decisions makers and policy directors.  Our depth of experience allows us to provide you with the accurate, timely and meaningful information.


TT will act as your representative with State, County and Local agencies to identify potential infrastructure conflicts in their earliest stages; the stages when there is still an opportunity to eliminate, mitigate or reduce the impacts of the conflicts.

TT maintains a national presence as utility and telecommunications advocates and representatives and can leverage our communications and program databases help you not only identify potential conflicts; but provide you with the resources to address these conflicts in a proactive approach.

Solution Focused

TT works on your behalf to achieve creative and practical solutions to infrastructure conflicts. Because we identify conflicts in their earliest stages, TCS can develop design alternatives to eliminate or reduce the impacts to your infrastructure. TT will be your advocate throughout the design phases of any public infrastructure project where your assets are at risk.

Cost Conscious

When conflicts are unavoidable, TT is the sole provider of the technologies to resolve your conflict. TT can create a protection or relocation plan that minimizes costs, service outages, and time delays associated with traditional protection and relocation methods.

Follow Through

TT can provide the resources to maintain the highest levels of representation and project management throughout the ENTIRE life of any infrastructure project.