Terra Cap ™

Terra Cap ™

“High Performance Protection for New or Existing Underground Utilities”

Terra Technologies LLC developed Terra Cap in response to the overwhelming need for alternative solutions to utilities relocations or replacements.  Terra Cap not only protects the utility from damages due to construction activities, but it is strong enough to carry the heaviest traffic loadings with less than two-inches of cover from the roadway base.  Pavement failures from settling or damaged utilities are eliminated.

The Terra Cap Advantages…

  • Reduced Risk of Future Pavement Disturbance: Terra Cap creates a nearly impenetrable barrier to the utility thereby reducing the chances for incidental damage that would require excavation in pavement in order to repair.
  • Time: Because of its design, Terra Cap can be installed with conventional construction equipment and can be installed in conjunction with other roadway work. No longer are utility conflicts the controlling element on a project.
  • Dollars: Terra Cap can be installed at a fraction of the cost of relocating the utility and even affords significant cost savings and greater performance over poured in-place concrete.
  • Expandable Infrastructure: Terra Cap was deigned to allow for the placement of additional conduits under its protective cover thereby expanding the utility infrastructure with no impact to the roadway or motoring public

One of the simplest ways that we can improve the return on our investments is to embrace new material advances.  Terra Cap was developed to provide a practical means to allow an existing underground utility to remain in place with no impact a new roadway project schedule, no compromise to the integrity of the pavement, no increased risk of damage to the utility infrastructure, and a significantly reduced risk to the workers who may encounter the utility during and after construction.

Above Ground:

Project coordination begins with the Terra Technologies LLC conducting a project evaluation with the project engineers using the TT Conflict Mitigation and Alternatives Analysis Program. Data obtained will be utilized to determine the viability and any customizations needed to the Terra Cap product.

Below Ground:

Based upon the size, type, and depth of the underground utility, Terra Technologies’ engineers can customize a Terra Cap product to meet your needs.   From local roadways and highways to airport runways and taxiways, Terra Cap’s strength comes not only from its design, but its customizable sizes and features.


Terra Cap was design in accordance with AASHTO standards and exceeds the HS20 design loading criteria of:

  • 16,000 pound axle load;
  • 10” x 20” tire footprint;
  • 30% impact load;
  • Distributed 1.75H

Terra Cap has a compressive strength of 6,000 psi at 28 days and Terra Cap’s reinforcing steel mesh has a minimum of one-inch of clear cover and has a wall thickness greater than or equal to three-inches.

All Terra Cap licensed suppliers meet the manufacturing requirements of local and state agencies and can provide supporting documentation to ensure compliance with established standards and procedures. In cases where local jurisdictional requirements vary from those standards outlined above, Terra Technologies’ engineers will develop project-specific design standards and work with its suppliers to ensure compliance.


Terra Technologies realizes that one of the primary drivers to a strong economy and a first world standard of living in infrastructure and a sound transportation system.  While America’s Investment in its infrastructure is of paramount importance, we must be responsible, effective and innovative in the way we invest and spend tax dollars to improve our transportation system.