Terra Shield ™

Terra Shield ™

“The industry’s new standard for utility support and protect projects”

Through the innovative and patented equipment and process of Terra Shield, Terra Technologies delivers the utility industry’s most economical and environmentally conscious solutions for the support and protection of underground utilities.

From telecommunications ducts to gas to power distribution lines to jet fuel lines, Terra Technologies’ Terra Shield systems and equipment have not only reduced construction schedules, but have lowered the costs of support and protection projects.

The proprietary Terra Shield systems and equipment provide the industry’s newest advances in technology and the industry’s most cost effective means of supporting underground utilities in-place in ways never deemed possible.

Terra Shield provides protection and access under existing underground utilities with exposure or deterioration to the utility infrastructure.  This innovative and sustainable process has no less than seven patents pending and represents the new industry standard for support and protect projects.

The previous practice of supporting and protecting underground utilities and infrastructure involved numerous crews working in deep trenches and excavations for 3 to 4 days exposing worker to tremendous risks from trench collapses, exposure to hazardous materials that often encase the utility infrastructure, equipment failures and accidents.

Utility companies’ infrastructure was placed in jeopardy, the contractors’ progress and profit is threatened, and the general public is greatly impacted by the delays which ultimately impacts local businesses and increases traffic congestion.

Support projects that utilize the Terra Shield processes and products can be accomplished in off-peak periods typically in 4 to 8 hours with less equipment and fewer workers.

Consequently, the safety of the worker is greatly enhanced by virtually eliminating the need to have any workers in a trench. Because the utility infrastructure is not exposed in the Terra Shield process, the risks associated with hazardous materials and damage to the utility is eliminated. Local business losses and traffic flow impacts can be managed like never before.

The Shielding Process

Terra Shield is inserted under the existing utility with either a Terra Shield Vibratory Driver or Terra Shield Static Driver.

The Terra Shield Vibratory Driver offers drive forces from 16 to 60 tons and can be used in almost any soil conditions. The Terra Shield Static Driver can deliver 50 tons of hydraulic force with virtually no soil movement. This driver is designed for sensitive cases where fragile utilities and/or soil movement is of concern.

From its Auto-Steer capabilities to its Spatial Exclusion Zone technology, the Terra Shield systems and equipment provide the highest levels of protection and care for even the most fragile of underground utility installations.

Once the shields are driven in place, trusses are then installed along the length of intended excavation with patented threaded j-rods to compress a load under the utility preventing movement during the excavation process.

The Terra Shield not only supports the utility in-place, but its steel barrier acts as a protective shield against accidental contact with the utility while work is performed below. After the job is done, the j-rods and trusses are removed for future projects. The Terra Shield remains in place as protection for future needs.