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Project Overview

Congruex has partnered with Intrepid Fiber Networks to construct a state of the art high speed fiber optic network in your community. We target to keep work in the public right of way 7:00am – 5:00pm when possible, minor night work may be required. While this is construction of a utility network, our goal is to create as little disruption as possible. Keep your eye out for an exciting new high speed internet provider coming to your area.


What is Fiber Optic Internet?

Fiber is no different than your current internet service, just significantly faster, moving data at the speed of light through a glass cable. This technology has been used around the world for decades now.

How long until I get service?

These networks take months, sometime years to complete. If construction has been completed in front of your home this does not necessarily mean you are ready for service. There could be a lot more work needed down the road from you. Intrepid Fiber Networks will contact you once you are eligible for internet!

Why are you on my property?

Congruex’s engineering teams carefully review city boundary maps to identify all utility easements and where the Public Right of Way is. All work has been reviewed and approved by the city and or county permit departments.

What is the Right of Way?

The public right of way is granted land that allows people and utilities to pass along a specific route through property belonging to another. This typically includes the land along the roadway’s edge extending to a point adjacent to the sidewalk.

Why all the paint and flags?

Prior to construction, each utility owner comes out and marks the location of the service lines with water-based paint and small flags. These markings should only last a few weeks depending on the time of year/weather we receive.

What are all these holes?

You might see small round holes in the sidewalk or along the landscaping, these are “potholes” that are used to identify the existing utilities to avoid any damage or interference of services. Once the job is completed, we will restore these holes back to the original condition.

What are these pipes sticking up everywhere?

These are the conduits we are placing underground that will eventually be buried. Nothing is broken!

What are these round/rectangular boxes buried outside of my house?

These are “handholes” we place allowing your home to be served with fiber optic highspeed internet!

What a mess!

Yes, the construction process is very dirty! We will restore all landscaping, sidewalks, and roadways to their original condition as if we were never even there. This process might take some time depending on weather conditions.


November 2022

Construction has started!

Milestone Image
February 2023

Construction is steadily underway!

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