Case Study

Herschel Street Drainage Improvements

The City of Jacksonville planned to replace a failing bridge carrying Herschel Street over Azalea Creek.

In the path of the bridge replacement, a Tier 1 service provider operated a critical telecommunications corridor, including a multiple clay tile duct system, a PVC duct system and a multiple concrete duct system and two vaults. As this infrastructure covered nearly 30% of the bridge deck surface and the 60-foot open cut excavation, the City of Jacksonville requested the service provider to vacate the corridor and place its facilities around or below the project limits.

This request would have required hours of copper and fiber splicing, significant downtime for customers, and significant costs and resources.

In response to the City’s initial demand, Terra Technologies developed a support-in-place system to hold this telecommunications infrastructure in place over the 60-foot wide, 14-foot deep excavation.

Through coordination and collaboration with the City, their contractor and the service provider the support system was designed to not only preserve the carrier infrastructure and its services, but to accommodate the wide and deep excavation, the bridge construction operations, and project drainage construction. This solution significantly reduced overall delivery timeframes for the City of Jacksonville.

This not only reduced impacts and costs to the service provider but ensured that their resources were not expended until the project started. A series of delays at the City of Jacksonville drove this project back nearly five (5) years. Terra Technologies makes significant efforts on its clients’ behalf to study and understand the funding and project viability before ever recommending expenditure of resources.

Once the project was ready to start construction, the City of Jacksonville required that this support system be installed and operational within 10 days of the initial project roadway detour.

Terra Technologies implemented the dual 96-foot support systems in four (4) days, thereby giving even more time to the City to complete its bridge replacement project.