Disaster Recovery & Asset Verification

Reliable Communication

The most critical tool after disaster strikes is reliable communications. First responders and customers need their networks up and running to get recovery efforts underway. Congruex plans for every eventuality, mapping out responses before disaster happens. In fact, the response is built into the design and construction of every project, allowing teams to work within dedicated governance and cost structures to build out a thorough plan as quickly as possible.

Asset Verification

No post-disaster asset verification is possible unless you’ve fully documented the facilities at risk and the conditions that exist in advance.
Congruex analyzes:

  • Facility and duct types
  • Cables sizes and usage
  • Field reviews of facility locations
  • Blueprints and construction plans to evaluation location accuracy
  • Pedestal and pole numbers
  • Property rights documentation
Congruex accesses every available database to ensure accurate field verification and utility locations.

Disaster Recovery

The best time to plan your disaster recovery is before disaster strikes. That’s why Congruex designs built-in recovery solutions that protect the infrastructure, the community and the environment. And when state, federal or local agencies reach out for recovery assistance, we ensure you can rapidly resolve any problem and prevent further damage.

Case Studies
Disaster Recovery & Asset Verification

Main Street Bridge over Hogan’s Creek

Jacksonville, FL - 2016
Underground Construction Services

TDS Metrocom - FTTH 250 miles of urban construction

WIsconson – December 2018

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