Case Study

Damage and Remediation

HHS provides maintenance services across its range of capabilities. In addition  to providing a two-year warranty for all services, HHS provides 24/7 damage  and remediation services that include repairing damaged equipment, such as a  telephone poles after fires or auto accidents, and restoring unburied, exposed  or downed cables. Due to widespread pole overloading, aging infrastructure  (primarily copper cable installed in the 20th century) and frequent natural  disasters in Southern California, HHS has seen a dramatic rise in demand for its  maintenance services.

Situation Overview

  • Customer: AT&T  Location: Ojai, CA
  • Completion Date: March 2018
  • Scope of Project: Demolition and removal of 25 poles and placement  of approximately 13,000 feet of cable due to fire damage


  • The Company’s track record and relationship with AT&T allowed  HHS to win the contract, as a strict completion date was acritical  condition to winning the bid
  • Successfully completed the project in 30 days